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Creating beautiful brows for Melbourne

Eyebrow Couture founder and lead stylist Melanie boasts over 23 years experience in eyebrow styling. With a genuine passion for shaping and restoring eyebrows, Melanie believes that the right shaped eyebrow can enhance your natural beauty and shave years off your age.

Melanie was one of the first in her field to apply the Golden Ratio theory to eyebrow shaping. The Golden Ratio is an exact science that is also adopted by some of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons when sculpting the perfect face. Melanie specialises in eyebrow shaping and cosmetic tattooing. When tattooing, she uses a combination of methods to create fine strokes (also referred to as the feathering technique) to deliver natural looking perfect eyebrows.

By merely changing the shape of the brow, Melanie believes we can transform the entire face structure. With the right shape and size, the eyebrow will give you an instant face lift, widen and enlarge your eyes and really emphasise your features.

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